Customers reviews

“I’ve worked with a lot of other content creators and brand managers over the years and they always came with very specific ideas and their own style. Working with Edward has been very different.

He uniquely approaches our work with an eye to what works for me – not just an off-the-shelf answer. He gets to know you and the project and designs around these concepts, ensuring that what we produce together is a bespoke reflection and a unique style.

His combination of photography, video work and design skills all come together to produce projects that would otherwise cost three times as much and require multiple consultants to pull together.

I now approach my own work with much more confidence knowing that Edward will always help me pull it together into a finished package that looks great, is unique to each project and all at an affordable price."
"It was a pleasure working with Edward to create 5 Holon promotional videos. He produced 1 to 3 min movies on a range of subjects, including kombucha, yoga, beekeeping, honey tasting, and natural beauty products.

His job quality, flexibility and professionalism were outstanding, and I was very impressed with it. Videos created by Edward that genuinely exhibited the beauty and distinctiveness of Holon were the product of his creativity, attention to detail, and willingness to go above and beyond.

I heartily endorse Edward for any requirements for video creation and am looking forward to collaborating with him once more in the future."
Emilie & Mike
Holon Workshops & Retreats
"We hired Find Your Magic Studio in order to produce promotional material for our retreat venue in Crete.

The result was above and beyond our expectations. Ed and Rob who bring a complementary skill set, took time to ask the right questions in terms of identifying our ideal clients. They also helped us clarify the message we wanted to convey to ensure the interaction with our clients is smooth, fun and effective. Additionally the supported us in making a plan and delivering our marketing campaign with ease and clarity.

The highlight for me was the process of making the series of videos, it was so much fun!

Both of them have a deep appreciation of aesthetics which comes through in their work. Their combined skills as I experienced them include natural intuition about what works, attention to detail, lightness and humour, care displayed at all aspects of a project, efficiency, a receptive attitude - to name a few. We very much enjoyed working together and as a result we have an ongoing professional relationship.
"I met Edward two years ago after being accidentally drawn to an advertisement about someone who would help people create their own websites by using photography and self-discovery in order to communicate effectively their message.

I was so intrigued by this approach that I asked Ed to coach me and get me to experience this “new” way of seeing one’s self and communicating ideas. It was thanks to Ed that my journey of self discovery started and with that, a whole new world appeared in front of me!

I found Edward's empathetic and supportive coaching approach invaluable and ever since I got to know him, he has always been there to lend me a listening ear and helping hand!

He has impressed me with his high-quality skills and knowledge while creating my website; He is a talented photographer and film-maker and I feel very privileged to have had him take the photographs and make the live recordings for my website."

Eugenia Papadaki
Educational Consultant
"Ed & Rob have been a gift to our project because they supported us to find clarity for our project. Their ideas to bring it forward have taken our creative process to the next level, as they interfaced with us in ways that allowed us to deepen in clarity both of content and aesthetics.

I strongly recommend them as a team to bring light and aliveness to whatever project you want to engage with."
Elisabeth Serra
Joy of Being Retreat
"I loved working with Edward! He made some magic photos of me during a lovely summer evening and totally made me feel at ease and managed to capture some beautiful spontaneous shots!

Ed also created my business website from scratch, after launching it in the mid of April I signed my first five clients in hours. Today I have around 30 clients; most say they found the site very helpful and beautiful! Thank you Ed for your amazing work!"
Arianna Isabella
"From our first calls together, I knew that Find Your Magic was the right place: gentle and attentive. They helped me realise that I was no longer aligned with the new person I was becoming.

I had in mind to make a website to get started and quite naturally came to Edward and the Find Your Magic Studio. Through his intuition, methods and gentleness, he was able to transmit the visions that I had in my head to create a website up to my expectations.

For that, I recommend him to all practitioners looking for someone to create their site."
Shaman, France
"I booked a photo shoot with Edward online and from the first contact I felt comfortable. He took the time to meet personally to discuss what I was looking for and for what I would use the photos. In this discussion, he choose the spots where we went.

When we met for the shooting Edward took away any nervousness very quickly and I kind of had forgotten that there was someone taking pictures of me. He also has the ability to “see” what is the right spot and position to present myself in the best light. Also, we had heaps of fun and laughed a lot.These are the reasons why I absolutely love the photos because they are so natural and so absolutely me. Edward pictured me and that was amazing."
"I want to thank you Edward very much for the beautiful photos you have taken for me. At the very first contact, you started with an assessment to learn about my aims, and what for I wanted these photos. As I need them for my new website and other portrait issues, you invited me to your studio, which is a lovely place and easy to feel good there. My worries on closing my eyes you took away and the result is excellent. Thank you very much – I recommend your work to everyone who needs something personal because you are able to bring it onto a photo"
HP Raphaela Horvath
Doctor & Author