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Free Photoshoot Preparation Guide, Checklist & Audio

Welcome to Find Your Magic Studio!

At Find Your Magic Studio, we believe that every photoshoot is a journey to capture your unique essence and energy. To help you prepare for this transformative experience, we’re offering a Free Photoshoot Preparation Checklist along with a Short Audio Guide to connect you with your energy and magic.

What You’ll Get:

1 – Photoshoot Preparation Guide

    • Tips on choosing props, accessories, and themes that resonate with your personality.
    • Guidance on mental and physical preparation to ensure you feel relaxed and confident on the day.

2 – The Magic Connection Audio

    • A 10-minute audio clip to help you align with your inner energy, including a short guided visualisation to spark your magic and vibrancy, ensuring your photos radiate your true essence.

3 – The Photoshoot Checklist

    • A comprehensive list to get you ready for your next photoshoot session, including styling and grooming,
    • Detailed steps for pre-shoot preparation, outfit and prop selection, ensuring you’re fully ready for the day.
How It Works:
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  3. Start Your Journey:  Use the resources to prepare and get excited about your upcoming photoshoot!
Embrace the Magic Within You

Your photoshoot is more than just a session; it’s a celebration of your unique story and spirit. Our checklist and audio guide are the first steps towards a magical and transformative experience.

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