Welcome to Our Unique Blend of Magic & Creativity


Whether you’re looking to clarify what you do, refresh your online presence or produce a stunning video or photo shoot, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


What We Do

Welcome to the Find Your Magic Studio, a creative consulting and media production studio for purpose-driven professionals and businesses.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, start-up or an established business, we believe that everyone has a unique magic and message to share. Our goal is to help you find and amplify that magic and create content for your business that truly captivates and inspires your audience.


We’ll help you:

Clarify your vision
Own your uniqueness
Identify your perfect audience
Create inspiring and compelling content

We’re here to help you find your magic and shine. 
So why wait? Let’s create some magic together!

what makes us different

What We Live By

Curiosity & Creativity

We’re firm believers in the power of following our childlike curiosity and the magic of everyone’s natural creative talents.

integrity & trust

Building a deep rapport with our clients is a priority for us, and we only work with clients with whom we feel an innate sense of connection and trust.

Identity & Uniqueness

We believe that every business and individual has a unique story to tell, and our goal is to help them tell that story in a way that is authentic to their identity and uniqueness.


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do: we believe that by working together, we can create even greater results.

going the extra mile

We believe in going above and beyond to deliver exceptional results, and we’re not satisfied until our clients are.

Doing What We love

We are passionate about what we do and love nothing more than helping our clients achieve their goals and bring their visions to life.

get to know us

Who We Are

We are partners both in life and in work: we met on a retreat in Crete in 2017 and have been together ever since. The Find Your Magic Studio is an exciting and rewarding way for us to share our unique individual gifts as well as the magic that we co-create through our connection and love.

We also host Find Your Magic retreats on our home island of Crete (find out more here).

Ed Pike

Ed Pike is a multi-talented creative consultant, photographer, web designer, copywriter and videographer. He is also a coach and therapist for mission-driven professionals, with over 14 years of experience.

He holds a BSc in International Management (and Spanish), is passionate about helping people do what they love, and has led a wide variety of projects including photo and video shoots, brand development, social enterprises and personal development retreats.

He is committed to creating a positive impact through his work and strives to bring out the best in himself and those around him.

Rob Sykes

Rob is a creative consultant, straw marquetry artist and sound therapist with a diverse career spanning law, creative work, resourcing and DJing.

His experience in advertising at MTV, set designing for fashion shows, and resourcing for tech companies, as well as a 30-year career as an international DJ, have provided him with a true wealth of experience.

As a creative consultant, he brings all of this expertise together to help businesses and individuals achieve their creative goals. He has a keen eye for detail, and loves using his creativity to bring beauty and healing to people’s lives.